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Dried Garlic Products

  Garlic Powder

Garlic & Sea Salt

Garlic Pieces

 Our dried garlic products are made on-farm using our sustainably grown garlic.  We use a variety of garlic that, when dried, still offers rich garlic flavor without the bitterness.  It is dried slowly over low heat to preserve it's flavor and quality.  We would never think of using any fillers or anti-caking agents!  We believe our powder is the highest quality and best tasting powder you will ever experience.                                                                                                                                       

 Garlic Powder & Garlic & Sea Salt      We ship!  We accept VISA & MC.  Give us a call to order


Garlic Powder, 1 oz               $5.50

Garlic & Sea Salt, 4 oz           $5.75

Garlic Pieces, 2 oz                 $5.50