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We grow several varieties of hardneck garlic, each one's flavor unique.  Our seedstock is available in September.  Place your orders early as we sell out quickly.

     Which ones do we grow? 


Music:  Our farm favorite.   A large porcelain variety with 4-6 large, easy to peel cloves.  Medium heat and stores about 6-7months.

Shantang Purple:  A medium sized bulb packing a lot of heat with a delicate garlic flavor.  Hot and stores 6-7 months.

Siberian:  A large bulb with a very high allicin content, aiding in immune system support.  This is the mildest variety we offer.

Chesnok Red:  My personal favorite with beaautiful red stripes.  Medium sized bulb which holds it's flavor after cooking.  Hot

Purple Glazer:  A glazed purple stripe variety.  Also a medium sized bulb with pungent heat which boasts great garlic flavor when roasted.  Hot

Spanish Roja:  A rocambole variety.   Spanish roja is considered to be one of the best flavored garlics.  These have a shorter storage quality so enjoy these first!  Hot.  Stores about 5-6 months.

German White Extra Hardy:  Another great porcelain variety.  Large cloves and relatively easy to grow.  Similar flavor to Music with a bit more heat up front.

Elephant Garlic:  Although not a true garlic, worthy of space in your garden just the same!  In the leek family, it offers mild onion and garlic flavors.


Creole Red